“The Best for Each Student”






Hugh Beaton's Home & School Association and Parent Council By-Laws


Responsibilities of Committee Chairs

Hugh Beaton's 2019-2020 Home & School Elected executive team

Brianne E., Chair

Chelsey L., Vice-Chair

Julius O., Treasurer

Jessica O., Secretary

Contact us via email: hughbeatonHnS@gmail.com



What is a Home & School Association?

A Home & School Association is an independent voice of parents who actively support public education at the school, school board, and provincial level.  

A network of volunteer members that provide support, training, resources, and advice to ensure that education, health, safety, and the social well-being of children and youth are a made a priority.

What does Hugh Beaton's Home & School Association do?

  1. Promote the welfare of children and youth
  2. Raise the standards of home life 
  3. Promote the care and protection of children and youth  
  4. Foster co-operation between parents and teachers, in the training and guidance of children and youth, both during and after the school period
  5. Obtain the best for each child according to his physical, mental, social and spiritual needs
  6. Give parents an understanding of the school and its work and to assist in interpreting the school in all its aspects to the public 
  7. Confer and co-operate with organizations other than schools which concern themselves with the care and training of children and youth in the home, the school and the community: and with the education of adults to meet these responsibilites
  8. Foster high ideals of citizenship and to promote through educational means international goodwill and peace
  9. Provide the best learning environment for all children to succeed in  
  10. Support our schools and education

Why have a Home & School Association instead of a School Council?

 There are many benefits of having a Home & School Association rather than a Schol Council, which include:

  • Organized by members for members
  • Recognized in the Education Act
  • Membership open to all who support OFHSA policies and beliefs; members set polict by majoirty vote
  • All members are covered under liability insurance for any H&S endorsed activities on or off school property through OFHSA
  • Independent organization meeting in the school
  • Fundraising should follow school board/Ministry of Education fundraising guidelines if fundraiser on school property; offsite fundriasers should following OFHSA fundraising guidelines
  • Funds held in separate account and controlled by members; sets its own budget; access to financial guidelines for record keeping, reporting and managing funds
  • Elects own executive committee; association organized and operated by executive and membership
  • Operates under established OFHSA Constitution and Bylaws may be part of a Home & School Council and connected to provincial and federal bodies
  • Has a voice at all levels of government: regional (school and school board), provincial and federal
  • Influences government actions in education and beyond through responses, briefs, resolution process and committee membership
  • Charitable tax receipts available through OFHSA
  • Must have representation on school council
  • Can speak on behalf of members
  • Provincial office, executive and board
  • Has access to independent informatoin through network and provincial mailings, newsletter, e-news, and website
  • Leadership training and resources available
  • Annual meeting and conference

How do I become a member?

 Complete a Home & School Association Membership Form.  Form can be found on our GoogleDrive: 

Why become a Member?

 Membership Privileges:

  • Receive minutes of Home & School Association meetings;
  • Voting privileges at Home & School Association meetings (budget & financials, minutes, bylaws, executive elections, resolutions at the provincial level, other motions as brought forth); 
  • Provides the assocaiton with more votes at the OFHSA Annual Meeting;
  • Privilege of attending the OFHSA Conference & Annual Meeting at a reduced registration rate (workshops, networking, recognition, fundraising info and free samples).  The registration fee, meals and accommodations for voting delegates may be paid in whole or in part by the Home & School Association and should be included in the budget approved by the membership; 
  • Liability insurance coverage while part.

What is included in the membership fee:  

  • The OFHSA Membership Fee covers: liability insurance; mailings; print materials; the costs of advocacy; and other administrative costs at OFHSA, a registered charitable orgnization;
  • An OFHSA membership card will be sent to you;
  • Membership is not required to volunteer at the shcool; 
  • Any person welcome to attend assocaiton meetings; however, non-members do not have voting privileges.

Can I attend Home & School Meetings?

Yes, Hugh Beaton Home & School meetings are open to all persons age 18 years and older, to attend Hugh Beaton’s, interested in the welfare of children and youth.  Right of voting, nomination, and holding of office is limited to members in good standing.

2019-2020 Meeting Dates/ Locations:

All Hugh Beaton Home & School Association meetings will be held in Hugh Beaton’s school library, on the following dates:

    Monday, September 16th, 2019 @ 6:00pm

    Monday, October 21st, 2019 @ 6:00pm

    Monday, November 11th, 2019 @ 6:00pm

    Monday, February 10th, 2020 @ 6:00pm

    Monday, April 6th,  2020 @ 6:00pm

    Monday, May 11th, 2020 @ 6:00pm

    Monday, June 8th, 2020 @ 6:00pm